Discover Dentistry

A free online course on FutureLearn for anyone wanting to learn more about dentistry

The Discover Dentistry course explores the basic principles of the provision of dental care and is open to anyone around the world. It’s fun, engaging and you’ll be able to interact with thousands of other students as well as teachers.

By the end of the six-week course you’ll have a much better understanding of the dental practice which will help you decide if a career in dentistry is right for you.

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Discover Dentistry: Background

Course planning notes stuck up on a wall

To choose what would be included in Discover Dentistry was at the same time an easy and difficult task.

Hygienist Jill Rushforth and Chris Stokes holding a toothbrush

As learners progress through Discover Dentistry, it will become clear that dentistry is a team sport.

Model of teeth and gums

More about dentistry, the mouth and oral health.